Our Mission

Accurate Weighing Scales (U) Ltd

Our Mission

Accurate Weighing Scales is a Ugandan based national seller of Industrial, Commercial, Home & Kitchen Scales, Laboratory Balances and Scales Parts & Accessories. We pride ourselves in having an experienced, courteous and knowledgeable staff to provide you with the best expert advice in Digital Scale products.

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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

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Platform Weighing Scale, supplied to a customer in Jinja

I wish I had bought one of these platform weighing scales years ago. The control you have at low rpm is amazing. Doubt I will bother with my supplier again very happy thanks

Just a quick update.
We received our scales and are more than impressed with them.
Strong and sturdy construction, and they look good as well.

I will order another one from you down the track a bit.

Thanks for your help, great product.

Best Regards

30kg x 0.01kg Platform Scale, supplied for weighing feeding additives for poultry Geese, Matugga

Matthew Kulumbu

Please pass on to all your customers that I think the whole setup you have is BLOODY GREAT

I am SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED with the service, the product, the whole shooting match !!

We spoke about a scale on Thursday, and I weighed feed on it on Monday – and I’m 3000 plus k’s from you !!

And I L.O.V.E. the platform scales – I can see the numbers, don’t have to bend over, or lift buckets of feed – AND I can sort feed in the twilight – the numbers light up when I add feed to the bucket!!

We have just received the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, so many thanks for such quick and easy service.

I will be in touch again, once these have sold.

Thanks, so much Matthew. The scales are working perfectly. I have about 10 kg of poultry related seed to break down into 0.1 – 0.5g bags so I need my scales to be firing!!

When laboratory work and research require accuracy to the hundred-thousandth, there is simply no room for error. The Explorer series of semi-micro balances has been designed with the technology to ensure that your very specific weighing results are accurate. Sophisticated laboratories requiring accuracy and looking for innovative technology to obtain measurement results can find both in Explorer semi-micro balances.

  • High contrast, Large LCD display for easy viewing.
  • Standard RS-232 C interface.
  • Hanger for below balance weighing.
  • Fully Automatic internal calibration with built in weight.
  • Conforms to GLP, GMP & ISO 9001 Standard.
  • Dye cost aluminum design for long term stability and accurate result.

Brand new adjustment system guarantees the highest measurement accuracy. It minimizes linearity errors simultaneously providing reliable indications for the whole weighing range.

4Y balances feature Dual Core 2 x 1 GB processor which delivers noticeable performance improvements including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining high repeatability values.

  • The weights are ASTM Alloy 8 of either Class 0 or Class 1, which can be used with all manufacturer’s makes and models.
  • Your Cal-Pak™ includes a USB Flash Drive that contains your electronic NVLAP Certificate.
  • The weights are supplied in a rugged polypropylene case with each individual weight in its own high-quality polycarbonate case.
  • Troemner Cal-Paks™ include accessories for proper handling and care of the weights.
  • Troemner Cal-Paks are manufactured in the USA.


Thank you in advance for allowing Accurate Weighing Scales (U) Ltd the privilege to serve you in advance.

For any further inquiries, mail or contact us

Office +256 (0) 705 577 823, +256 (0) 775 259 917

Address: Wandegeya KCCA Market South Wing, 2nd Floor Room SSF 036


Email:  weighingscales@countrywinggroup.com

Web:    http://countrywinggroup.com/2016/08/06/accurate-weighing-scales/











https://www.yellow.ug/company/42670/accurate-weight  https://www.yellow.ug/company/42671/truck-scale









Published by Weighing Solutions Jinja, Uganda

RANGE OF PRODUCTS Weighing Solutions can supply and service mechanical and digital scales to fit any weighing application including custom digital scale applications of any kind among these below: – Crane (hanging) scales, Whole sale scales, Baby scales, Mini palm scales, Industrial platforms, assorted weighing brands including Avery, Salter, Health ( height and weight ) scales, Precision scales Analytical/Laboratory scales, Moisture meters, Temperature gauges, Pallet trolleys, kitchen scales, Animal scales, Bag closers-stitching machine, Plastic bag sealers, Plastic foot sealers, Batch sealers, Table top scales, Counter scales, Barcode readers/printer, Waterproof scales, Axle weigh bridge, Mini and full Weigh bridges among others.

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